Creating emotive videos and/or slideshows for your clients elevates your business. It is a service that can increase your sales and bookings! Using royalty-free music allows you and your clients to share their videos on social media without copyright infringement.

Below you will find my list of songs that I have found on Envato Elements, which offers 100k+ royalty-free music tracks, as well as sound effects, video templates, stock video, website templates, graphics, stock photos and more.

Viewing each video that I created for my clients below allows you to hear the recommended song as well as gain inspiration for creating your own videos. I also provide a list of songs I have not used yet, but plan to in the future!

In order to access the songs for your own use you will need to subscribe to Envato Elements. Using this link enables me to receive a commission which supports my business and compensates me for the time I've invested helping photographers to build their business. You can become an Envato Elements affiliate and earn commissions on referrals from your own website. Becoming an affiliate is easy and free!

You can view all the videos I have created on the Susan Louise Photography YouTube channel.

Return soon for more songs! Thank you!

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I Found Something I Was Looking For

This song is 4.05 minutes long and enhances videos for engagement, wedding, family and even newborn sessions.

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Romantic Country Wedding Love Song

The title says it all! This acoustic song is 3:28 long and features a male vocal.

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Your Moment To Shine

A celebratory tune featuring female vocals 2:47 in length. It's perfect for graduations, senior sessions or individuals.

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Life Is Beautiful

A happy, uplifting song featuring female vocal and ukulele, 2:48 in length. It is perfect for maternity, newborn, or couples.

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Love Song

An elegant, emotional song that features a male vocal with piano accompaniment. It is 3:50 in length for perfect for family, newborn, engagement, wedding.

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Beautiful Wonderful Life

This is an uplifting, Indie Folk vibe song, that is perfect for family, newborn, engagement and wedding sessions. It is 3:07 in length.

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Additional Royalty-Free Songs

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It's Good To Be Alive

This song is 3:44 in length. It is happy, upbeat, celebratory, and great for engagements, wedding and family. Male vocals.

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3:55 in length. It is gentle, heartfelt, hopeful, elegant and beautiful piano with male vocals. It is great for engagements, weddings, family.

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I See Colors

This dreamy, emotional, hopeful, male vocal song, has a folk or country vibe and is 3:21 min long. It's great for individuals, graduation, couples.

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It Feels Like A Wedding Day

This gentle, cheerful, hopeful, female vocal song includes piano and guitar. It is 2:39 long and is of course, perfect for weddings!

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Happy Birthday

A happy, acoustic, cheerful song perfect for newborn, smashcake or other. This song is 3:00 minutes in length.

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That's Life

A bouncy, acoustic, happy, male vocal song that is 2:55 long. It is perfect for engagements, family, couples.

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