Client Closet

Wardrobe is a vital part of creating dramatic, emotive images. To create extraordinary images I provide wardrobe styling and a Client Closet. I add to my closet as needed and take my client's preferences to heart. This luxury service takes the stress away from you and saves you time! Most of my clients come to their session in their comfy clothes and I hand them their stylish wardrobe. They hand it back at the end of the session and don't have to worry about laundering. I take care of everything!

The following images are examples of some of my Client Closet wardrobe.

Gage & Bryna // Kansas City, Mo

Susan is a GEM. She handpicked out whole wardrobe (parents included)... honestly, her outfits were way cuter than anything I had in my closet!

She made the whole experience seamless- all we had to do was show up! As soon as we were dressed, she started snapping pictures and directing our very chaotic and young family on how to pose, where to stand, and what to do with our very awkward and untrained hands.

She was very patient & coaxing with our kids (ranging from 9m-5yrs) and was so fun wading into a creek with us to get some very natural, very fun shots!

After running around in the wood and playing in the water we were dirty and exhausted. Susan took our clothes and sent us on our way. No clean up for us, no planning - just perfection!

Thank you, Susan, for making the normally dreaded-by-all family photo shoot into an easy and beautiful ordeal.